Vision (what)

Traditional funding models are not sufficient for the current opportunity. While interest in impact investing is high, health care impact investing lags behind. Innovative new funding models for drug development show tremendous promise. Start2Cure acknowledges this opportunity to develop its Philanthropic Investment Program to drive therapeutic innovations reaching patients.

Start2Cure identifies challenges and builds models that integrate the needs of patients, scientists, and even industries via its Venture Philanthropic Investment Program to overcome the bench-to-bedside gap.

Our vision is to engage with only the best people, to identify the best practices and ideas or research gaps, and to work collaboratively on a global scale to accelerate neurorestorative therapeutic innovation.

Our various funding programs will create a global portfolio of groundbreaking research carried out by individual investigators, multi-investigator teams, and inter-institutional collaborations to stimulate translational and transformative research accelerating neurorestorative therapeutics. The Venture Investment expertise of Start2Cure will also be utilized to positively impact the rapid translation of the funded research projects to the clinic if applicable.

Our focus is mainly on neurorestorative research. However, we are also interested in other approaches to solve unanswered questions relating to Central Nervous System diseases in general. This can either be by making grants via our nonprofit Foundation to enable medical research or by direct investments in early-stage clinical trials via the Start2Cure Venture’s Seed Fund.