Research Associate Claudia Sestito PhD

"Many small people who in many small places do many small things that can alter the face of the world”

I have a master degree in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of Rome and a PhD in Anatomy and Neuroscience from the AUMC (VUmc) in Amsterdam. During my PhD, I investigated the implication for the pathogenesis and clinical outcome of a blood cell-derived protein in multiple sclerosis. After, I worked for 2 years as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and for 2 years in a biotech company focused on drug screening. During these 4 years, I gained valuable knowledge on stem-cell technology, neurodegeneration, drug screening and business in Life Science.

I feel honored to be part of this great initiative and I am fully committed to contribute to the growth of the foundation, the success of its mission and to make a lasting impact in patients’ lives.