Investigator Research Grant

Provide grant support to early career investigators conducting high-impact, high-risk MS research that are distinct from their current research portfolio.. This award is intended to support highly promising projects for which other sources of funding are not readily available or for a separate innovative endeavor that will allow the applicant to pursue a distinct and novel research direction. The grant supports innovative research from the next generation of leaders in MS research. 

Grant Details

For who: An MD, PhD, or equivalent is required.

Submission deadline step 1: First of September 2021.

Duration project: 1 – 3 years.

Grant amount: Maximum of €200.000,-

This award is not intended to be the main source of funding for the applicant’s laboratory. Applicants must therefore demonstrate multi-year independent funding that sustains the central activities of the laboratory (e.g., at least one or two grants such as Horizon 2020 or equivalently substantial multi-year awards). Individual eligibility will be determined during the review stage.

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