Clinical Trial Grant

Clinical trials are an essential step in translating research advances into health innovations and evaluating new interventions targeting Neuro-restoration, remyelination and / or neuroprotection in the Central Nervous System. The trial should focus on specific interventions or pathways of care for the treatment of Advanced (progressive) Multiple Sclerosis. Interventions include drugs, devices and physical interventions. Start2Cure can participate in phase 1 and 2 trials. Since costs of clinical trials can be substantial Start2Cure prefers to collaborate with other Foundations and / or funding agencies. 

Grant details

For who: academic investigators or teams as well as early stage biotech companies*.

Submission deadline step 1: First of September 2021. 

Duration project: Maximum of 4 years.

Grant amount: Maximum of €200.000,- per year. 

* early stage biotech companies will be provided with soft loans under standard conditions.

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