Our Vision

Nowadays, funding opportunities are limited for translational research to solve similar progressive demyelinating and neurodegenerative nervous system disorders, and restore the natural state of the Central Nervous System. Therefore, there is a tremendous need for an organization that enables and accelerates collaborative translational neurorestorative research in which scientists have the opportunity to advance this promising emerging field.

Start2Cure will determine challenges and builds models that integrate the needs of patients, scientists, and even industries via its Venture Philanthropic Investment Program to overcome the bench-to-bedside gap.


Start2Cure will support translational Advanced (progressive) MS) research projects through grants. Projects will be focused on developing an intervention (therapeutic, device or diagnostic) that will address a significant, unaddressed need for Advanced MS patients with permanent cumulative CNS damage and on research which has a credible translational and development path to reaching those patients. They should have the potential to ultimately stimulate neuro-restorative research in Advanced MS and related neuro-degenerative disorders.

In addition, Start2Cure Ventures’ Seed Fund will optimize the chances of bringing transformative science to the clinic and thereby address the demands of the public-private, venture and corporate communities. By incubating and de-risking projects for longer in academia, investment in therapies for progressive nervous system disorders like MS can become a more attractive opportunity and simultaneously stimulate medical interventions to reach patients faster.