We envision a future in which the debilitating course of Advanced (progressive) Multiple Sclerosis not only is halted but also reversed and lost function caused by neurodegeneration is restored. This is the biggest unmet need for MS patients with advanced disease. Start2Cure pledges to make this a reality by supporting scientists to finally cure this devastating disease within 50 years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to take a leadership role in supporting scientists tackling the toughest challenges in Advanced (progressive) MS research on a global scale and invest in young talent, bold new ideas and scientific approaches. We aim to initiate and stimulate transformative medical research to finally end Multiple Sclerosis for good and allow MS patients with permanent cumulative CNS damage to live the futures they deserve.

Our Vision

Start2Cure engages with the very best people, identifies the best practices and ideas or research gaps, and works collaboratively on a global scale to accelerate neuro-restorative therapeutic innovation in Advanced (progressive) MS. We aim to enable medical breakthrough treatments generated via innovative approaches for which funding opportunities are limited to finally end MS for good.

Our Founder

The Start2Cure MS Initiative is founded by top private Biotech and Real Estate investor, Aat van Herk. The foundation is driven to solve MS in particular, as well as other central nervous system-related disorders. Although this is a very steep ambition, it does reflect and embody the mindset of our founder: hard work, perseverance, and determination can lead to greatness, despite experiencing adversity through his own MS disease course.

Aat van Herk

Founder Start2Cure

I founded the Start2Cure MS Initiative to proactively combat and solve MS. The foundation is a professional, entrepreneurial organization with very capable and truly dedicated people. I have complete confidence they will safeguard the long-term vision and achieve its mission“.

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