Our Mission

Historically, it was perceived as impossible to restore lost function in the Central Nervous System, as seen in Advanced (progressive) MS. However, current advances in biomedicine are at an inflection point where amazing scientific breakthroughs can happen. For this reason, in the past few years, the emerging field of neurorestorative research aiming to repair the damaged nervous system in Advanced MS has gained attention.

Nevertheless, only in the right circumstances these scientific breakthroughs can lead to new treatments and such initiative was still lacking in the Advanced (progressive) MS research spectrum. Therefore Mr. van Herk has pledged his commitment to the MS community to utilize his resources to bridge this gap and aid in finally solving this disease and its debilitating course within the next 50 years.

On the base of this, Start2Cure aims to accelerate scientific breakthroughs to deliver new treatments for patients with MS. This will enable and initiate (translational) research in key scientific areas addressing high unmet medical needs to potentially restore neurological function and ultimately solve Advanced MS.