Start2Cure applies various funding mechanisms, both independent and in collaboration with partner organizations. All grant submissions undergo rigorous peer review and are held to the strictest standards of scientific excellence. Applicants should aim for results that, at the conclusion of the four to five-year term, have the potential to ultimately induce neuro-restoration in Advanced (progressive) Multiple Sclerosis and related neurodegenerative or demyelinating disorders. The Board of Directors will decide on Research Grant Applications regularly and is generally advised by its Scientific & Investment Advisory Board.

After completing a step of the Grant Application Process an evaluation will be made if the applicant can proceed to the next phase. Every grant will be assessed on its own qualifications and the chances of getting financial support depends on how good the application matches with the Start2Cure mission and research focus area. Start2Cure’s Board of Directors will make final decisions on the Grant Applications and associated budget every quarter. Start2Cure will generally commit €40.000,-  up to max €500.000,- in total per grant application pending on the type of grant and various qualification criteria. However, exemptions can be applied to high potential research projects.

Application cycle 2021 has been closed.

For more information or inquiries about our grant program email to:

Step 1:
Executive Summary of MS Research.

Step 2:
Preapproval Grant Application Process.

Step 3: 
Full Grant Application Process.

Step 1: Executive Summary of MS Research project

In step 1 applicants will be asked to fill in the application form with an executive summary of the proposed research project.

Successful grant applications will meet the following criteria to proceed to the next step:

  1. Strong scientific rationale matching Start2Cure’s research focus area of neuro-restoration.
  2. A unique, innovative and transformative scientific approach.
  3. Address an unmet medical, therapeutic or diagnostic need in Advanced (progressive) MS.

Step 2 and 3:

After completing the Application Form Start2Cure’s Management Team will assess if applications meet the appropriate selection criteria to proceed to the next step.

If approved to proceed applicant will receive additional information on steps 2 and 3 of the Grant Application and Approval Process (GAAP) including selection criteria via email. Additional information and selection criteria will differ per step pending on type of Grant or Award.

Eventually Start2Cure’s Board of Directors will make final decisions on Grant Applications every quarter. Start2Cure aims to complete applications within 6 months.

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